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East Pizzas

Using Only The Best Ingredients
(& We’ve Tried A Lot)

  1. Flour

    We’ve experimented with different flours for years, to create the perfect density of sourdough dough balls for our pizza bases. There was a lot to assess, but in the end, we found… the one.

  2. Scottish Water

    The secret ingredient? The cleanest and purest Scottish water!

  3. Salt

    A dash of salt is the final touch before our dough is naturally proven for 72 hours.

East Pizzas

Our Story

Where it all began…

It all started when we left the corporate world and set out on our own journey. We wanted to discover everything we could about making sourdough pizza - and we did! Leading us to open East Pizzas back in October 2017.

Our love for sourdough

It certainly didn’t start off as bright blue skies but we quickly learnt something about ourselves that we knew would carry our passion into the future with us - we love sourdough! Most will know how difficult it is to master sourdough recipes but we kept trying day in and day out until we got it just right.

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At-home cooking

When the pandemic hit, we saw people investing back into the better parts of life… like making homemade pizzas! Everyone wanted to get their hands on top-quality dough for home cooking, so we began to provide just that.

Here we are!

A few years later, here we are! Providing damn good sourdough dough balls to our lovely customers and filling their kitchens with delicious, homemade pizzas! We can’t thank you enough for supporting us on our journey. Here’s to making every pizza a great pizza - Roly and Rob.

Sourdough Pizza Dough Balls

All our sourdough dough balls are individually packaged to be stored in your fridge or freezer at home. Each ball is 250g of sourdough perfection and ready to use! Simply roll out, cover with your favourite toppings & cook in a traditional or pizza oven. Oh, and enjoy!

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Sourdough Pizza Bases

Frozen pizza bases ready to use, made from our famous sourdough pizza dough - all without the hassle of rolling out the base yourself! Also available on subscription!

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East Pizzas

We Do Toppings Too!

East Pizzas

How To Cook Sourdough Pizza

  1. 1. Firstly you’re going to want to take your dough ball out of the fridge for 4 hours before baking or out of the freezer to defrost. Ultimately you are going to want your dough to reach as close to room temperature as possible. If you’re a cooking pro you might have a temperature probe you can use. Using this you are looking for around 17-22C in the centre of the ball.

  2. 2. Whilst your dough is sitting sweetly, pre-heat your oven for roughly 30 minutes on the highest possible setting. If pizza is a way of life in your home, you might have a pizza oven, if so, it’s time to heat it up!

  3. 3. Once your dough ball has reached the perfect temperature, carefully remove it from its bag.

  4. 4. Dust a countertop using flour or semolina then place the dough ball onto your counter and then also coat your dough ball in flour or semolina.

East Pizzas

People Love Our Pizza Dough!

East Pizzas

Frequently Asked Questions

Need some help? Here are our most frequently asked questions! Click here to view all of our FAQs.

  1. How long will my dough stay fresh?

    The dough will stay fresh for three days in the fridge or up to three months in the freezer. The bases will also stay fresh for three days, or for three months in the freezer.

  2. How long should I cook my pizza for?

    If you're cooking your pizza in a pizza oven, please follow the instructions of your specific pizza oven as these can vary.

    If you're cooking your pizza in a normal oven, we suggest popping it up to 220 for ten minutes.

    If you're cooking your pizza in a cast iron pan, the cooking time will vary depending on heat

  3. Where do you source your ingredients?

    Our dough is as natural as possible, and made with flour, water, and a pinch of salt. We use flour that has been milled in the UK, and Scottish water. The provenance of our other products can be found in the description of each product. Our aim is to bring you the best Scottish and pizza products.

  4. How long will my dough take to be delivered?

    This depends on the kind of order you place - we aim to deliver within three working days, unless otherwise stated on the product page.

East Pizzas

Recipe Ideas

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