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East Pizzas

Our Story

It began with us closing the door on the corporate world and starting a new journey. A journey to discover everything there was to know about making the perfect sourdough pizza recipe. It has been, without a doubt, a baptism of fire but we learnt a lot about sourdough (and ourselves) along the way that we’re now so pleased to be able to share with you. 

We opened east PIZZAS in Edinburgh in October 2017, and we haven't looked back since. We have loved serving up our classic sourdough pizzas to the Edinburgh community, using the finest Scottish ingredients. Think Scottish mozzarella from The Kedar Cheese Company, charcuterie from Great Glen Charcuterie, more cheese from I.J Mellis, and veggies from Phantassie Organics. 

When the pandemic struck, it became clear that many of you loved buying our 72-hour proven sourdough dough balls to use at home. Luckily, we already had the perfect recipe! 

And that’s how east PIZZAS Dough was born. We're on a mission to bring you the best, pre-made sourdough pizza dough. The ingredients are simple: flour, water, salt... and a lot of our time. Our dough balls are delivered in biodegradable bags and ready for the freezer for storage.

We now also offer our pre-cooked sourdough bases. These have been cooked at an extremely high heat for just one minute, making them puffy and perfect for finishing off at home.

Thank you for supporting us on our journey, and we hope you enjoy east PIZZAS Dough.

Roly & Rob

East Pizzas

Ingredients & Packaging

  1. Our dough is the simplest it can be; water, flour and salt in just the right doses, and naturally proven for 72 hours

  2. Our oven-fired doughy goodness continues to deliver beautifully baked pizza (as long as you follow the recipe correctly)

  3. Our packaging is completely plastic-free and biodegradable 

Delivery Please!

Discover your passion for homemade pizza and order our sourdough balls in batches of either 16, 24 or 30. Oh, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram so we can see all your sourdough creations!
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